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Real cigarettes are passé and everyone knows that. The new popular alternative are e cigarettes that are safer, cheaper and much more socially acceptable than real cigarettes. You can find almost a thousand varieties of electronic cigarettes online and the range is baffling. For newbies in particular, the sheer range of electronic cigarette kits can be overwhelming. This is where we come in as the premier electronic cigarette UK website dealer online. We offer a range of services for novice and gourmet smokers that are not available anywhere else.

24 -7- customer services — Customers need help while they are searching for the perfect e-cigs kits. Most websites don’t really care about this and they may sell you the cheapest or the most expensive kits; they leave the choice to you. We don’t do that. If you need help, our customer service section is more than happy to help you find the best e cigarette kits. They will match your requirements to available kits and you get exactly what you require.

Affordable — Kit and refill price is very important. This is where we triumph as well. We offer a great selection of cheap and affordable kits from all across the world and we even have a complete collection of gourmet international kits that are great as well. All of our kits are affordably priced and they are sorted according to taste, brand, price and manufacturer as well.

Warranty and returns — When you order from us, we make sure that the kits are checked and protected with a complete warranty. The actual time period of the warranty will vary according to manufacturer and brand. You can return the goods in a week if you are dissatisfied with the kits. We also offer free shipping but do check before you order the kits.

Variety — As we work solely online, we can afford to price our kits low. At the same time, we can store a very large inventory of items. Some of our most unique items include starter kits, disposable kits, vintage kits and even gourmet kits for enthusiasts.

The bottom line
You need to get in touch with us to find the best and most affordable e cigs online. We have almost every variety available in the UK in a range of prices and tastes. Take the time to browse or simple order our sample packs to understand how electronic smoking works. We are always happy to help.

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