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Community Planning arrangements in West Dunbartonshire 

Community planning is about all organisations delivering services in the area working together to achieve more than when working on their own, and working with local people (communities) and finding out what their needs are and planning services around these needs (where possible).

We are striving to achieve our vision of "West Dunbartonshire… a great place to Live, Work and Visit".  In order to do that we are focusing in on the 4 priority areas we think will make the most difference in our local communities and to the residents of the area.  These priorities are: 


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Your Community in Profile

The profiles on these pages provide a comprehensive overview of health and wellbeing in West Dunbartonshire. There are 18 profiles in total, covering West Dunbartonshire as a whole and the 17 neighbourhoods across the shire area.

They highlight differences in health and life circumstances across the area for a range of indicators organised under broad themes: population; cultural factors; environment and transport; socioeconomic factors; education; poverty; and health. The profiles are intended to be a resource for local communities and to inform action at neighbourhood level.

There is also an interactive map which allows you to compare the data across the 17 neighbourhoods across the shire area.

Your Community in Profile 


Your Clydebank Community Survey

If you live in the Clydebank area the Communities Team would like to hear your views; you can use this survey to let us know what you think.